David Moses Jassy (born on 11 April 1974) is a Swedish musician, songwriter and music producer of mixed Gambian and Estonian origin. With Andrés Avellán, he was part of a Swedish R&B hip hop duo, "Navigators" in the late 1990s. After split up of the group, David Jassy went on to writing music and producing a number of international acts. Also known as Dave Monopoly, he is the founder of Jassy World Entertainment. On 1 February 2010, he was convicted of second-degree murder in Los Angeles for the November 23, 2008 death of John Osnes.

Early years: NavigatorsEdit

Main article: Navigators (Swedish band)David Jassy formed, with Andrés Avellán, the R&B hip hop duo, Navigators.[1] They released first single, cover of Joyce Sims' song "Come Into My Life" in 1998.[2] In the same year they released another single called "I Remember".

In 1999 they released their third and most successful single "Superstar"[2] stayed 11 weeks in Swedish Singles Chart reaching number 20.[3] In the single "Superstar", Jassy and Avellan sampled bassline from Chic's classic "I Want Your Love". In the same year their only album "Daily Life Illustrators" was released,[3] reaching number 27 in the Swedish Albums Chart.

[edit] Musical productionEdit

Jassy co-wrote "Be Good to Me" and "Not Like That" from Ashley Tisdale's Headstrong and "It's Alright, It's OK" and "Crank It Up" from Tisdale's Guilty Pleasure. He also co-wrote Goodbye to Yesterday and "Back Off" by No Angels, "Love Struck" by VFactory", "Runaway" and "Karma" for Darin, "Body Language" for Heidi Montag and "Pyramid" for Charice.

[edit] Personal lifeEdit

He was born in 1974 in Solna, Sweden [4]) to a Gambian father and an Estonian mother. He has one son born in 1999 in Sweden.[5]

Incident and arrest

Jassy was arrested by Los Angeles police on 23 November 2008[6] after a confrontation with jazz musician John Osnes. Osnes was crossing the street at Selma Avenue and Schrader Boulevard. Witnesses told police that Osnes had banged on the front of Jassy's vehicle with his hands in response to Jassy's car moving into the crosswalk. Jassy got out, punched Osnes, and kicked him in the head. The coroner testified that it was either this kick or the resulting fall that broke Osnes's skull and caused his death. Jassy fled and while leaving the scene, his vehicle this time ran over Osnes. Bystanders and an off-duty Anaheim police tried unsuccessfully to detain Jassy. Osnes was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital, and Jassy was arrested the next day,[7] and charged with one count of murder, along with an additional count of assault with a deadly weapon. He remained in custody on $1 million bail, facing a possible life-with-parole prison term.

Trial and sentencing

The trial began on January 13, 2010. Jassy's attorney contended he was defending himself, his girlfriend, and his vehicle from "an angry drunk." The prosecution countered that Jassy was the aggressor.[8] On 1 February 2010, he was convicted of second-degree murder but not guilty of assault with a deadly weapon and leaving the scene of an accident.[9] On March 4, 2010 Jassy was sentenced to 15 years to life imprisonment.[10][11] He will be eligible for parole in 2024.[12]

[edit] DiscographyEdit

[edit] AlbumsEdit

Navigators (band)

  • 1999: Daily Life Illustrators (reached #27 on Swedish Albums Chart)

Album tracks: "Come Into My Life" - "Superstar" - "I Remember" - "Get a Life" - "Something's Wrong" - "Dreams" - "All Over" - "Believe In Yourself" - "Blue Hill" - "Set Sail" - "Snakes" - "If You Where Here Tonight"

[edit] SinglesEdit

Navigators (band)

  • 1998: "Come Into My Life" (reached #31 on Swedish Singles Chart)
  • 1998: "I Remember" (reached #46 on Swedish Singles Chart)
  • 1999: "Superstar" (reached #20 on Swedish Singles Chart)


  • 2009: "Exit"

[edit] Collaborations (albums / singles)Edit

  • 2004: "Blah Blah Blah" (single by Vanessa Struhler featuring David Jassy)
  • 2007: "Be Good to Me" by Ashley Tisdale featuring David Jassy (taken from her album Headstrong)
  • 2007: "Body Language" by Heidi Montag (written by David Jassy)
  • 2008: Flashback (album by Darin Zanyar with six songs on the album written by David Jassy):
    • "Karma" (single written by and featuring David Jassy)
    • "Runaway" (single written by David Jassy)
    • "Strobelight", "Flashback", "Roadtrip" (other songs on album written by David Jassy)
  • 2008: "Outta Control" by VFactory (written and featuring David Jassy)
  • 2009: "Love Struck" by VFactory (written by David Jassy, Darin and produced by Swedish production team Twin)
  • 2009: Guilty Pleasure, an album by Ashley Tisdale - album co-produced by David Jassy
    • "It's Alright, It's OK" (single from same album - song co-written by David Jassy)
    • "Crank It Up (second single includes vocals by David Jassy)
    • "Watcha Waitin For" (written by David Jassy produced by Twin)
    • "Acting Out" (written by David Jassy and produced by Twin)
  • 2009: "What If", an anti-bullying song by Friends featuring Darin (written by David Jassy and produced by Twin)
  • 2009: "Got Skillz", "Pooltable","Okay" and "Match Made In Heaven" with Ilya (written and featuring David Jassy on all tracks)
  • 2010: "Pyramid (song)" by Charice featuring Iyaz (written by David Jassy produced by Twin)
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