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This is the page where formal nominations for user rights changes take place. You may nominate yourself or other users for promotion/demotions.

What are the different user rights?Edit

Administrators are entrusted with the ability to block and ban users as well as edit and delete comments/pages. They can also change the protection settings of pages and promote/demote chat moderators.

Bureaucrats are administrators who, in addition to the admin functions, also have the ability to change the user rights for administrators and rollbacks and promote users to bureaucrat.

Rollback rights enable normal users to use a [rollback] button to quickly revert repeated vandalism to a page by the same user. They can also change the protection settings of pages. It is particularly useful when an admin is unavailable to take action against vandals.

Chat moderators have the ability to kick and ban users from chat.

Requirements to vote/nominateEdit

  • You must be at least 4 days old to this wiki.
  • You must have made at least 5 edits.
  • You must have no block records.

Nomination templateEdit

Please copy+paste this if you would like to have rights.

I, [insert your username], nominate [insert username] for [promotion/demotion] 
to a [insert right(s) here]. [State reason here].

How to vote/commentEdit

To vote, type {{Support}}, {{Neutral}}, or {{Oppose}}. Then, express your opinion.
To comment, type {{Comment}}, then express your comment formally.


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